Brian Field Receives ASFMRA Early Career Award

November 30, 2018

A member of the Crown Appraisals team was recently honored by being awarded the Early Career Award from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA).  Brian has been highly involved with the ASFMRA as the Young Professionals Network Chair and YPN Vice President to Executive Council.

Describe your experience with Crown Appraisals.

“I started with Crown in January 2006 shortly after completing graduate school.  In 2009 I received my Certified General appraisal license and in 2011 the Accredited Rural Appraiser designation from ASFMRA.  Over the years I have appraised many types of properties, from large agribusinesses with many locations, to farmland, to gravel reserves, to industrial warehousing, as well as many types of machinery and equipment.”

What has been the most rewarding project for you?

“It’s difficult to select one “most rewarding project.”  One of the best parts of what we do in moving from property to property is that we get to see how different owners/managers operate.  No two operators are the same, nor are two properties.  It’s great when we can draw on those experiences and offer new insights and perspective that the operator may not have previously considered.  It is particularly rewarding when our insights can help an owner or company improve their operation and make highly informed decisions.”

What advice do you have for young professionals?

“My advice is simple, get involved!  When volunteers are needed, raise your hand.  There can be a tendency for young professionals to not volunteer because they feel that they might not be qualified.  What I’ve found with my volunteering is that more than years of experience, organizations need folks who are willing to commit themselves to the process and give of their time and energy.  It may not be something that pays financially, but there are many intangible benefits.  With ASFMRA, there is additional value in volunteering because there are referrals received through networking and building relationships with other professionals from around the country.  It has been my goal that ASFMRA’s Young Professionals Network is utilized as a way for our younger members to take ownership in the organization and to provide an opportunity for them to get their feet wet in volunteering and serving. I am proud of what our YPN group has accomplished so far, and I know that the new leaders will take it to even greater heights.”

See press release below:

Images courtesy of ASFMRA.

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