Diversion Project
Flowage Easements

The FM Area Diversion includes a Southern Embankment south of the metro area that will hold back floodwaters during times of extreme flooding.

The area where water is retained during project operation is called the Upstream Mitigation Area, or UMA. The member entities of the Metro Flood Diversion Authority are required to obtain flowage easements within the UMA.

The Metro Flood Diversion Authority has contracted with Crown Appraisals to research and develop value impacts due to the flowage easements.

Please watch the video below for information about the valuation process.

For more information regarding the flowage easements and project details, please visit the Metro Flood Diversion Flowage Easement page.  The Flowage Easement FAQ section explains the framework of the flowage easements as applied in the project.  For specific questions regarding your property, contact your land agent.

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