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Crown Appraisals is your experienced partner for appraisal reports, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions, and agribusiness consulting. In our analysis of comparable sales, we abstract actual rates, factors, and units of comparison from the comparable sales to ascertain an accurate opinion of value. Why rely on investor surveys from non-related industries when actual market abstracted data can be available from sales within specific agribusiness industries? Clients receive complete appraisal services that eliminate future rework.


Crown Appraisals provides services that lenders, buyers, sellers, corporate accountants, and officers rely on for an increased level of confidence. A dependable appraisal reduces costly errors, provides favorable internal audit reviews, and provides better analysis to make well informed business decisions. Clients can expect an accurate work product, comprehensive sales analyses, and a complete narrative to explain the process. Our appraisals stand up to reviews and ultimately save clients time and money.

Over 35 years of specialized experience can make a big difference. We abstract depreciation rates, overall capitalization rates, and units of comparison out of the sales, and research and analyze our comparable sales with an experienced eye on the details.

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